Co-op Position 1 - Summer 2024

Mon, January 08, 2024


Research Assistant - Spray Drying Experimental Research

Solid State Pharma Inc. (SSPI) is a pharmaceutical research company focusing on crystallization engineering and solid-state science. SSPI is the partner to pharmaceutical and natural product companies to bring value through understanding the solid state of the drug candidates, extending the patent life of the drug and also developing crystallization processes that will lead to optimal physical properties, morphology and particle size distribution through crystallization engineering. This would result in consistent bioavailability and robust scale-up and manufacturing.

Certain drugs have poor solubility but high permeability through human tissues. Improving the rate of dissolution of these drugs is crucial to improve their bioavailability, when administered orally. Preparation of an amorphous spray dried dispersion (SDD) of an API with a water soluble polymer is growing in popularity with an increase in the number of drugs in this class, when a viable salt form or a cocrystal form which would potentially boost the rate of dissolution could not be made. This current work involves use of model APIs to investigate the impact of spray drying conditions on product attributes and potentially optimize the isolation process. In addition to working on amorphous SDDs, other aspects involving spray drying may be explored. The research is experimental, involving operation of a spray dryer and solid-state characterization with a possibility of publication.

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