Particle Engineering

Particle engineering is key in the development of a desired product profile. With the continued discovery of low solubility drugs, particle engineering has become a crucial aspect for drug development. The particle size distribution and morphology of a drug candidate can not only influence downstream processes such as filtration, drying and drug flowability, but also the bioavailability of the compound. Poor particle control could impact the operations and bioavailability of the drug on a batch-to-batch basis.

Solid State Pharma uses particle engineering expertise and state of the art instruments to design desirable particle size and morphology. In addition to our crystallization engineering approach, we are equipped with a jet mill and spray dryer that facilitate the generation of micron size particles. We also have a wet mill, which could be used to reduce particle size in-situ. Additionally, we generate different lots of material for our clients with targeted particle size distributions to send for formulation testing.

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